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Founded in 2014, Tronoplast is a plastics machinery company that engineers and manufactures advanced extrusion lines for a range of industries and applications.

Tronoplast team builds on our personal, decades-long North American and European experience in the plastic film industry. We use cutting edge technology and our own innovations to manufacture equipment and polymer film products for the global marketplace.


We specialize in film extrusion equipment for production of: PVC cling film (for manual & automated wrapping), BOPP film, POF double bubble, barrier shrink film & bag, and sausage & ring casing.


About us Tronoplast
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The Tronoplast team is dynamic, experienced, and dedicated to delivering turn-key solutions for the polymer film industry. Proprietary technological solutions enable our customers to manufacture film and other extruded products with mechanical and chemical properties that exceed today’s industry standards. We use Lean manufacturing methodology in our operations to provide our valued customers with cost and lead time benefits.



A group of leading engineers and scientists form a new company Tronoplast committed to refine the Extrusion Technology processes that they long thought needed innovation.

The blown film layer multiplier MML and PVC Planetary Extrusion project draw a lot of interest from a Silicon Valley-based private investment firm 3P Equity Partners.

Tronoplast Technologies receives multi-million dollar investment to expand its operations and R&D. Tronoplast team moves from its original office in North York, Ontario into a new headquarters in Brampton, ON that includes a 43,000-square- feet manufacturing facility.


Tronoplast secures several Casing Lines order from a European customer, utilizing a new concept that allows to increase the technical speed of a line to 400 m/min. Tronoplast successfully completes industry’s fastest (400 m/min) Sausage Casing Line incorporating several patented technologies.

Tronoplast launches the production of FoodWrap cling film on its own Cast Film Line.



Felix Guberman

Felix Guberman, Ph.D. - President

Felix is a proven and dedicated industry veteran and is the founder of Tronoplast Technologies company providing direction and leadership for the engineering and sales departments. Felix holds a Ph.D. in material engineering and was awarded patents applied in the polymer manufacturing industry. He is a seasoned professional who brings over 30 years of...

Sergey Kotylev

Sergey Kotylev, P.Eng. - CEO

Sergey is leading the development and execution of the Company's long-term strategy with a view of creating customer and shareholder value. He is also managing the overall day-to-day operations and resources of the company and acts as a direct liaison between the Board and management of the company. He is a Professional Engineer and certified Lean &...

Franco Capetti

Franco Capetti- Director of Engineering

Franco is a seasoned professional who is in charge of funding innovative solutions for our customers, developing concept design of complete and highly efficient film extrusion systems. He is managing work of the engineering department. Franco applies decades of his Canadian and international industry specific experience and creating significant value to the operations by...

Raimond Kurba

Raimond Kurba - Plant Manager

Ray brings a multi-faceted skill set to Tronoplast Technologies that has been developed over 30 years in the plastics extrusion industry. His ability to provide leadership in achieving KPIs through teambuilding and lean manufacturing principles means that he can step into any role and make a difference very quickly.

Evgeny Babushkin

Evgeny Babushkin - Program Manager, Control Systems

Evgeny is responsible for managing electrical, electronics and IT communication control systems of the equipment. Combining his industry experience with the latest technology trends, Evgeny generates innovative solutions for our customers.

Qaiser Shiraz

Qaiser Shiraz - Service & QA Manager

Qaiser is providing service management to our customers’ needs. He is also overseeing the mechanical assembly process of the extrusion lines and machineries. He is a licensed industrial mechanic, machine building and maintenance professional who...

Alex Mann

Alex Mann - Director, Product Development

Alex’s solid hands-on knowledge of extrusion and co-extrusion delivers high level of expertise in research and development, engineering and project management. Alex holds Master of Engineering degree in polymers and brings over 20 years of Canadian...