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Artificial Sausage Casing Lines HS-TRON

HS-TRON is one of the fastest and most productive multilayer sausage casing lines on the market. The HS series belongs to a family of horizontal bias lines with multiple bubbles. The casing can be used for sausage and hot-dog skin products.  For smoked sausages the casing can be either gas barrier or breathable.

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Can be configured as per client specification.

  • Extrusion        (Single screw Extruder, Combination of Extruder + Gear pump)
  • Calibration      (Vacuum, Oil)
  • Re-heating      (Hot water, Infrared, and Combination there of)
  • Annealing       (Hot air, Infrared, Hot Rollers)
  • Final Cooling (Round Air Cooling, Flat Air Cooling, Cold Rollers)
  • Winding          (Central)
  • Line Control   (Full preset matrix of wrapping parameters)
ParametersSkin Casing LinesSausage Casing Lines
Calibers, mm15-7580-200
Number of Layers1-35-9
Thickness Range, micron20-3535-75
Extrusion Output, kg/h100200-250
Net Output, kg/h25-5080150
Mechanical Line Speed, m/min400200
Core ID, mm76 and 15276 and 152
Roll OD, mm600600

Available Upgrades