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Barrier Shrink Film Lines

HB Series line for barrier low temperature shrink film includes the following process steps: extrusion and forming primary tube; reheating and reblowing for stretching in two directions, annealing, cooling, randomizing and unwinding. These lines are typically making 5-11 layers. Tronoplast offers different systems for these steps. The Tronoplast line can be operated with common barrier materials: EVOH, PA, and PVDC.


Can be configured as per client specification.

  • Extrusion         (Single Screw Extruder, Combination of Extruder + Gear Pump)
  • Calibration       (Vacuum, Waterfall)
  • Re-heating       (Hot water, Infrared, and Combination there of)
  • Annealing         (Hot Air, Infrared, Hot Rollers)
  • Final Cooling    (Round Air Cooling, Flat Air Cooling, Cold Rollers)
  • Winding            (Surface, Central)
  • Line Control     (Full Preset Matrix of Wrapping Parameters)
Number of Layers5-11
Number of Extruders5-11
Line LayoutHorizontal
MaterialsEVOH, PVDC, PA, Tie, PE, PO, PET
Layflat Width150-550mm
Wall Thickness35-80 microns
Extrusion OutputMaximum 100-200 kg/h
Winder Mechanical SpeedMaximum 150 m/min