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Multi Microlayer Die 10-30 Layers

With Tronoplast’s revolutionary Multi Microlayer Die (MML) you can achieve 30 layers for the cost of a conventional 3-5 layer die. The sequence and number of layers can vary.

Unique MML Die generates tens of layers from few extruders only. The Die also allows for a re-adjustable sequence of layers. Results generated with MML Die confirm the previously known fact that the more layers in the film the better the mechanical properties. Multi Microlayer Die technology yields higher quality and more cost efficient film due to substantial savings from thinner yet stronger films.

Typical applications: blown stretch film, shrink film, grocery bags, garbage bags, shipping sacks, and more.

Barrier materials like PA extruded with the MML Die bring noticeable advantage in flexibility, formability, and flatness (no curling). With the MML Die any three extruder blown film line can produce a flat asymmetric PA barrier film.

Tronoplast supplies complete blown film lines and POF double bubble lines equipped with MML Dies featuring up to 30 layers.

Existing 2+ layer blown film and POF lines can be upgraded with the MML Die

MML Implementation Scenario:  with the MML die, 3-layer blown film line with 3 extruders (A-B-C) can be converted into 15-layer line using same 3 extruders (A-B-C-B-C-B-C-B-C-B-C-B-C-B-C). With the same die the layer sequence can be changed. The die can be stationary or oscillating, with or without IBC.

Multi Microlayer Die Properties Comparison Graph
Blown Film Die Microlayer Die
Multi Microlayer Die