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Tronoplast FoodWrap®

FoodWrap® Technological Advantage

At Tronoplast we produce FoodWrap® Cling Film for food preservation, with our own unique cast film CX-TRON extrusion line. Our film rolls unwind perfectly to the very end, due to roll edges being trimmed with Tronoplast EC-TRON Edge Cutter. The film is suitable for both automated and manual wrapping applications. Superior mechanical properties of FoodWrap® Cling Film allow packaging bony meats, vegetables with stems, and other foods demanding special strength and puncture resistance. FoodWrap® Cling Film works well with a variety of trays including trays with sharp edges. Our FoodWrap® Cling Film has exceptional clarity, shine, and anti-fogging performance in hot and cold storage conditions, which guarantees that the produce is exhibited at its best attractive appearance. FoodWrap® Cling Film is suitable for packaging sensitive produce. Specialty films are available for specific foods, for example: mushrooms, cheese, seafood, etc.

FoodWrap® Competitive Advantage

FoodWrap® Cling Film has superior quality, it is flexible, light-weight, cost-effective, transparent, tough and safe. It has excellent organoleptic properties (does not affect the taste of the packaged food). FoodWrap® Cling Film contains less than 50% of substances originating from fossil fuel, and contains 10% bio-based renewable materials. FoodWrap® Cling Film protects foods against contamination by helping to prevent the spread of germs during foods manufacture, distribution and display.  This, combined with FoodWrap® Cling Film’s unique combination of good moisture transmission and oxygen barrier properties, preserves foods quality and freshness longer. FoodWrap® Cling Film’s superior strength, elastic recovery, and puncture resistance makes it highly useful for automated and manual wrapping applications. FoodWrap® Cling Film is microwave safe. Superior anti-fogging in hot and cold storage, and excellent clarity and cling properties of the film makes it a very attractive option for food preservation and extremely popular for various food services and household needs.

Why Tronoplast?

  1. Canadian made.
  2. Unique equipment & technology.
  3. Reduced environmental impact.
  4. Industry experts serving your needs.
  5. Top quality products.
  6. Continuous product development.