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Tronoplast FoodWrap®

Tronoplast produces PVC cling film products for food preservation, made on our own unique cast film CX-TRON extrusion line. The film  is suitable for both automated and manual wrapping applications. Our FoodWrap® exhibits exceptional clarity in appearance. The roll edges are trimmed using Tronoplast EC-TRON Edge Cutter to unwind perfectly. Due to low plasticizer migration the film is also suitable for packaging sensitive produce. Exceptional mechanical properties allow packaging bony meats, vegetables with stems, and other foods demanding special strength and puncture resistance. The film works well with a variety of trays including trays with sharp edges. Specialty films are available and formulated for specific foods, for example: mushrooms, cheese, seafood, etc.


FoodWrap® PVC cling film has superior quality, it is flexible, light, cost-effective, transparent, tough and safe. It has excellent organoleptic properties (does not affect the taste of the packaged food). PVC contains less than 50% of substances originating from fossil fuel. FoodWrap® cling film protects foods against contamination by helping to prevent the spread of germs during foods manufacture, distribution and display.  This, combined with PVC’s unique combination of good moisture transmission and oxygen barrier properties, preserves foods quality and freshness longer. FoodWrap® film’s superior strength, elastic recovery, and puncture resistance makes it highly useful for automated and manual wrapping applications.  FoodWrap® is microwave safe. Superior anti-fogging in hot and cold storage, and excellent clarity and cling properties of the film makes it a very attractive option for food preservation and extremely popular for various food services and household needs.

Why Tronoplast?

  1. Canadian Company.
  2. Easily adaptable for customization.
  3. Special blends to increase clarity and strength.
  4. Blends are formulated to reduce environmental impact.
  5. Work directly with the manufacturer.
  6. All product is produced in our manufacturing facility.
  7. We make service our #1 priority.
  8. We have helpful and knowledgeable staff to answer all inquiries.
  9. We support the quality of our products, so that you get good value for your money.