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Tronoplast provides not only complete extrusion lines but also individual components for your upgrade and retrofit requirements.

Extrusion Parts


We are offering: barrels, screws, melt pipes, screen changers, magnet drawers, and other components. Those can be customized to client specification.

Extrusion Dies

Extrusion Die

We are specializing in multi layer dies for casing, shrink film, and other lines. Those dies featured with low residence time and small wetted area which prevents degradation of heat sensitive polymers.


We are offering a wide range of winders for blown film, cast film, casing and other lines. Those can be customized to client specification.

In Process Heating

We are offering ovens for annealing or reheating polymer tube, film, sheet, and all other types of webs. Depending on the process the oven can use hot air or infrared heating sources.

In Process Cooling

In-Process Cooling

We are offering different systems for intensive cooling of polymer tube, film, sheet, and all other types of webs. Those can be customized to client specifications.

Water Baths

Water Baths

We are specializing in designing and manufacturing different types of water baths that can be used in process. The water baths have accurate controlled temperature and uniformity within due to effective water circulation. Typical application in process melt quenching, reheating for stretching, final cooling, and preventing curling polyamide co-extruded film.

Foam Line Cooling Ring

Products Air Ring

Unique Foam Cooling Ring includes two Irises for maintaining desired gap between orifices and mandrel. This allows to divert the airflow – with and against the film. The Foam Cooling Ring provides the best cooling efficiency.

We offer these rings for replacement of old Air Rings on foam lines.