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POF Double Bubble Pic

Shrink Film Double Bubble lines DX-Tron and D-Tron series

D-Tron series is an extrusion line with a non-contact simultaneous orientation section that produces film with high shrink properties. DX-Tron series is a sophisticated version of the double bubble line with more layers including barrier layers which provide unique features such as high-shrink and oxygen barrier properties.


 Extrusion System D-Tron and DX-Tron series

D-Tron and DX-Tron series use a double bubble technology for simultaneous orientation: polymers extruded through a circular die and directly water-quenched form a thick primary tube which is then reheated to the orientation temperature and immediately re-blown to stretch the second bubble creating thin and very strong finished film:

  • Bi-axial orientation provides film with special characteristics such as high shrinkage, stiffness, tear and puncture resistance at thin gauge – high film yield, reduces packaging weight.
  • Multilayer structure gives the film good sealing properties, required coefficient of friction and surface properties e.g. anti-fog – good process ability in packaging equipment.
  • DX-Tron series lines are versatile and also produce barrier film – ideal for food packaging.
  • DX-Tron series lines are available from 5 to 24 layers where the number of layers can be increased by implementing Tronoplast layer duplication technology – film can be thinner, stronger and clearer.
Number of layers3-55-243-55-24
Number of extruders3-55-113-55-11
Thickness Range , micron10-3510-3510-3510-35
Net output @ 20 micron, kg/h200-300200-300200-300200-300
Mechanical Line Speed, m/min100100100100
Core ID, mm152152152152
Roll OD, mm600600600600
Raw materialPE, copolymers, terpolymers, PPPE, copolymers, terpolymers, PP,     tie resins, EVOHPE, copolymers, terpolymers, PPPE, copolymers, terpolymers, PP,     tie resins, EVOH
  • Electron beam cross-linking unit – improves mechanical properties, allows down gauging