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Film Edge Cutter Film Roll Trimmer

EC-TRON ROLL EDGE CUTTER for cling film rolls Trimming

Automatic Film Roll Edge Trimmer converts PVC and PE cling film rolls from an extrusion line or printing press into a higher quality product. Designed and built in Canada, the TRONOPLAST Roll Edge Trimmer will automatically cut the edges of cling film roll on paper cores, resulting in uniform finished rolls of film with clean, burr-free, square edges. Finished film rolls are centered on their cores, easy to unwind. All mechanical movement is controlled by the PLC.
The TRONOPLAST Roll Edge Trimmer is easy to use. There are two symmetrical cutting knives with a motor and gearbox driving one core chuck, the opposite chuck is free turning. The roll turns against the fixed knife blades which simultaneously cut through the film roll toward the paper core. The offcuts fall into discharge chutes and the finished roll is removed by the operator. All parameters are set on the HMI including final film width; core outer diameter and roll outer diameter.
Manual positioning of the knives relative to the print (cycle interruption). Knife positions are indicated by laser pointers. The PLC codes and software licenses are free.

Roll Edge Trimmer Product Video


⦁ Cutting, roll ejection and scrap removal operations are automatic
⦁ Hands free, simple operation
⦁ Finished roll width is pre-set and repeatable
⦁ The roll can be centered either by film, by core, or by print
⦁ Multi-cut possibility
⦁ Core cut option
⦁ Long life operation knives
⦁ Remote troubleshooting

Material to be cutRolls of PVC or PE cling film on cores; paper cores
Roll Outside Diameter 150 – 350 mm ( 6” through 15.75”)
Paper Core Diameter (inside) Paper Core Diameter (inside) 76 mm (3”)
Final Roll Width250 – 550 mm (10” through 23.6”)
Core Protrusion10 – 15 mm each side (0.4” through 0.6”)
Core Protrusion Tolerance±1.5 mm (0.06”)
Cut Off Width1 – 10 mm per side
ModesMode 1 (centering by core edges), Mode 2 (centering by film roll edges)
Required Utilities400-480 V / 3 phase / 50-60 Hz; IP 54, 5-8 bar (dry filtered air)
Net Weight1150 kg
Dimensions2447.5 mm (96.36″) long x 1995.4 mm (78.56″) wide x 1635.28 mm (64.38″) high
Foundation Load150-200 MN/m2
HSS #8441.10.00


⦁ Automatic Roll Edge cuts the edge of the film a set width. Produces cling film rolls with straight sides and even core protrusion on both sides of the roll.
⦁ Cycle time is approximately 35-60 seconds depending upon roll diameter.
⦁ One (1) sets of chucks for 3” cores
⦁ Parameters are set on HMI: Final Roll Width; Roll Outer Diameter; Core ID

Option 1 Replacing Knives

Qty: 2

⦁ Highly durable tungsten carbide disc knives

⦁ Rotate the disc and use 4 cutting edges of one knife

Option 2 Upgrade 1

Qty: Lot

⦁ Roll Diameter Automatic Detection
⦁ Process Recipes: Creating New, Save, Save as, Download, Delete. The number of recipes up to 10

Option 3 Upgrade 2

Qty: Lot

⦁ Mode 2 (Centering by Film) Useful for printed film. The cycle can be interrupted for manual correction of the knives position in order to match the print pattern.

Option 4 Spare Chucks

Qty: 2

Specially Designed Expandable Chucks 6”. For Some Special applications: 110mm

Option 5 Upgrade 3

Qty: Lot
⦁ Mode 3 Core cutting. Useful for reduction of protruding core edges to the specified values.

Option 6 Start-UP Assistance

Qty: Lot

⦁ 2-3 days start up assistance and training
⦁ Note. Transportation and accommodation are extra.