MML Blown Film Layer Multiplying Die

The recent proof of the newly developed blown film die with multiplying feature can generate tens of layers out of few extruders. The test has been done on the pilot 2 extruder line with 8 layers. The film structure was A/B/A/B/A/B/A/B.

The reference was a 2 layer co-extruded film with the structure A/B.

A combination of HDPE and LDPE resins showed significantly higher mechanical properties of the 8 layer film.

2 vs 8 layers blown film multiplier

Tronoplast can produce these dies with up to 30-40 various alternating layers. With this number of layers we can anticipate noticeable enhancement to the mechanical properties of the film. This film is ideal for use in applications where high mechanical properties are required. Including: stretch film, shrink film, shipping bags, garbage bags and so on. In the case of using barrier resins, the film will have better barrier properties compared to standard film and improved  thermoformability.

Our pilot line is available for client evaluation and tests. Contact us today.

Multi Microlayer Die
Blown Film Layer