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PVC Blown Film line BX-Tron series

BX-Tron series is a state-of-the-art high speed blown film line for producing superior quality PVC cling film, innovative

technology producing either single-ply or two-ply film for manual or automatic packaging.


Extrusion System

BX-Tron series uses the most advanced extrusion system including a planetary extruder for processing PVC dry blends into high quality PVC film. The line has noticeable advantages over competitive equipment:

  • Better melt quality due to the outstanding mixing capability of the planetary extruder – better mechanical and optical properties.
  • Wider process window because of the unleashed mixing and feeding parameters that are impossible with single screw extruders–allows down gauging / faster process setup.
  • Minimum shear during melting reduces overheating, therefore less chance for degradation – allows reduced use of plasticizers; fewer interruptions for cleaning.
  • Recycled scrap-fluff made by grinder can be metered directly to the extruder feedthroat – minimizes processing waste.


B-Tron Series

  • We also offer B-Tron series for processing PVC pellets.
  • Parameters of the line are similar to the BX-Tron


Die and Downstream Components

  • Blown Film Die –  annular with computer designed flow channel geometry for flexible PVC – no dead zones causing material degradation
  • Easy dismantling of the die – minimizes production down-time
  • Downstream components deliver film accurately to the winder – eliminates film stresses and wrinkles
  • IR gauge read-out sensor – instant quality film control


Trim take-off system and a Grinder

BX-Tron series is equipped with a trim take-off system and a grinder. The fluff can be metered directly into the extruder feedthroat –minimizes losses in material.


Fume take-away system

BX-Tron series shrouds the bubble – guarantees perfect fume evacuation.


Winding system

BX-Tron series winding system consists of two automatic back-to- back surface winders.

ParametersBX-TRON 1500BX-TRON 2000BX-TRON 2500
Layout Width, mm150020002500
Slit Roll Widths, mm280-400280-450280-450
Thickness Range (One ply), micron6-206-206-20
Thickness Range (Two plies), micron12-2012-2012-20
Extrusion Output, kg/h210-250310-350360-390
Net Output, kg/h200-225300-310350-370
Mechanical Line Speed, m/min120120120
Core ID, mm76, 110, 15276, 110, 15276, 110, 152
Roll OD, mmMax. 400 Min. 200Max. 400 Min. 200Max. 400 Min. 200

Available Upgrades