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Bow Sausage Casing

Ring Sausage Casing Machine

This machine is designed to make the casing for ring sausages. The bow ring diameter can be preset as per customer request. The machine is fully automatic. The major components are: unwinder, bowing unit, cooler, and the cross winder.

Typical Technology Process 

  • Inflating the tube
  • Forming on heated mandrel 
  • Mandrel diameter sets bow radius of the casing
  • Cooling 
  • Cross winding

ParametersArtificial Layer Casing Film
Calibers, mm20-40mm (70mm TBC)
Wall Thickness20-50 micron
Internal Bow Diameter90; 100; 120; 150mm (exchangeable)
Mechanical SpeedMax 100m/min
Production SpeedDepends on Casing Type
Unwinder Roll ODMax 400mm
Unwinder Roll Core ID76mm
Re-winder Roll ODMax 300mm (Cross Winding)
Re-winding Roll ID76mm
Re-Winding Roll WidthMax 400mm